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Upcoming Open House at the East Tower Luxury Pennthouses

[Photos via Penn Treaty Village]

Penn Treaty Village's West Tower — first phase of their Pennthouse (get it?) project — has been wildly successful in transforming a former auto storage facility into a viable community at One Brown Street near the Delaware River. Now comes word that phase two — the East Tower Pennthouses — is almost move in ready and an open house is scheduled for June 21st from 10am to 1pm, even after an apparent pre-opening waiting list. The East Tower is comprised entirely of one bedroom luxury apartments ranging from $1,800 - $2,400 per month and in a plethora of floor plans. And while the West Tower packs more floor space, residents in the East Tower will still have access to all of the wild amenities built into this "village-like" complex. That includes a heated pool, roof-top deck with sweeping views of the skyline and river, a grill area and walking track. The Clubhouse also provides complimentary Starbucks/Tazo drinks with fruit and cookies. Renters, take some notes. Step one: run around the roof top track. Step two: munch on some free cookies and Starbucks while taking in views of the Ben Franklin Bridge. Step three: repeat the cycle, all day, everyday. There are a lot of features in the rooms that will catch your eye. However, instead of being wooed by the polished granite, stainless appliances, smart-room features or even the two complimentary flat-screen televisions, understand that the highlight of each unit is the "window wall." Yeah sure, you're going to have to get some mega-curtains or get very creative to shield yourself from the massive amount of amazing natural light that will stream in through these things. But in reality, that shouldn't matter — it's a window wall that offers pretty much unparalleled views of the either the riverfront or the city. Window walls, people — let's get on board with this one.
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