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More Townhomes are Going Up on Moyamensing Avenue

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[Renderings via Moyamensing Place/Photos: James Jennings]

Progress is being made to transform a long-vacant lot on the northeast corner of Moyamensing Avenue and Moore Street in Pennsport into a gated community featuring 15 townhomes — each with their own two car garage. The new project, designed by Landmark Architectural Design and built by Design Builders, is being billed as 'Moyamensing Place.' They already have one deposit so far on the three bedroom, two and a half bath luxury units and they are FHA approved, according to listing agent Matthew Milano of Coldwell Banker Preferred. The three-story homes will start at $439,000 and will be available in three custom packages once built. As for as the layout of the site, four units front Moyamensing Avenue, six front Moore Street and the remaining five will front tiny Pierce Street. Hm, Moyamensing Avenue and Moore Street, that sounds familiar doesn't it? It's diagonally across the street from the site of the proposed eModa warehouse conversion — you remember, the possible nano-brewery/commercial space. · Huge Moyamensing lot finally to get redeveloped into 15 homes? {Passyunk Post]
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