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Casino Dreams of 'Skyspire' Piercing South Philly Skies

[Renderings via US Thrill Rides/PHL Local Gaming ]

Apparently, Philadelphia could soon see a spire — similar to the Space Needle in Seattle — rise as part of the LoSo entertainment district attached to PHL Local Gaming's Casino Revolution project in South Philly. US Thrill Ride's Skyspire would pull double duty, serving as a skyline restaurant and observation deck that aims to be the cherry on top that would help secure Philly' latest casino license. At a proposed 615 feet high, it would be ten feet higher than Seattle's landmark — take that Seattle! Here's the deal, gondolas would simultaneously bring visitors up and down the tower through a double-helix rail pattern, think DNA strands. There is apparently a centrally housed elevator as well, if you're not in to the whole twirly-ride up a 600 foot spire type thing. The trip can last anywhere 10 to 30 minutes and each gondolas can hold up to 20 people. The top of the tower features a large space split into two floors, perfect for a restaurant. This announcement just adds to the amazing, fun-land elements of the LoSo plan, which also looks to bring a zipline, go-kart track, Olympic sized swimming pool, paint ball zone and a dry ski resort to Philadelphia. · Space Needle for South Philly? [Plan Philly]
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