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Reveal Time: Friday's Townhome in Northern Liberties

We played a little game on Friday afternoon. You shoot us your best guesses for how much this townhome is asking for in Northern Liberties and we'll reveal the answer on Monday morning — good times. And now, it's time for the big reveal.

Location: 1129 North Orianna Street
Square-footage: 1,480
The Rundown: three bedrooms, two and a half baths, finished basement, fenced in patio, spacious floor plan, cathedral ceilings and large bedrooms.
The Price: $389,000, $263 per square foot
The Guesses: We kept it close to the vest as the the exact location in Northern Liberties, so it made guessing tougher than you'd expect. Two faithful players would have taken it, going by Price Is Right rules, with guesses of $375,000 and $380,000. Others were at least $100,000 over the asking price — topping out at $750,000.

· 1129 North Orianna Street [Redfin]