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Skyscraper Tetris Lands Philly in the World Record Books

Following his previous world record setting event that saw the classic arcade game Pong played on the side of the Cira Center, Drexel University professor Frank Lee broke it again with his most recent display of architectural gamification — this time for Tetris. Guinness World Records has named the event held in April as part of Philly Tech Week as the world's largest architectural video game display. According to Technically Philly, "the event drew more than 2,500 people ... the games spanned both the north and south facades of the 29-story skyscraper." Have a pint of the black stuff, Frank Lee. You've certainly outdone yourself, yet again. Might we make one small suggestion of hooking us up with some Mario Kart for next time?

Here is the video straight from Drexel's Youtube page:

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