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Demolition On the Way at Future Scarduzio Restaurant?

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[Photo: James Jennings, Rendering: Passyunk Post]

A demolition notice has recently popped up on 1646-48 South 12th Street, otherwise known as the future restaurant space from Chef Chris Scarduzio. According to the notice, the site, which has been deemed structurally unsound, can be razed "on or after 6-19-14." While there hasn't been much movement on this corner a while, The Passyunk Post reported back in April that demolition was going to start in May at the latest. Scarduzio said at the time, "And we're hoping to have everything up an running and filled, including the apartments upstairs, by the end of the year." To recap: we're looking at a completely new building featuring a bistro with outdoor seating on the ground floor and apartments above "The Avenue." Designs are still being finalized, so stay tuned. · What's up with that Scarduzio project at 12th and Morris? [Passyunk Post]
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