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Art Museum Steps: Gehry's Plan or Keep them Rocky-fied?

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You've probably heard about starchitect Frank Gehry's $350 million expansion and renovation plan for the Art Museum. You know, the one where they dig into the hill and expand downward to create more gallery space. Gehry's 'one daring move,' as Inga Saffron so eloquently put it, is to cut a large chunk of the beloved Rocky Steps to create a street-level entrance, gallery windows for sunlight and dramatic views of City Hall and outdoor amphitheater. Wait, what? You want to partially remove our Rocky Steps? The ones we run up, sled down and sometime even drive on? Like, the steps where visiting relatives simply must go before they start or end a trip to our fair city? Why, yes, those steps.

Gehry understands how big of a deal this is and insists it will "change Philadelphia" the way the Guggenheim changed "sleepy little" Bilbao, Spain. While the plan looks amazing, it is Frank Gehry after all, it's a huge deal for the City of Philadelphia, as it deals with two of its biggest icons that will forever be inextricably linked — Philadelphia Museum of Art and those damned Rocky Steps.

So, we leave it up to you — take our poll or, if the choices don't properly embody your feelings, drop us a comment to be heard.
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