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Let's Build a Community: Help Contribute to Curbed Philly!

Photo via brookeipse/Flickr

Did you know that you can contribute to Curbed Philly? It's true! We absolutely love (and need) your tips, photos and comments in order to help keep this site a living, breathing community of all things Philadelphia real-estate development and neighborhood activity. There are the three easy ways to get involved.

Drop us a tip! Your tips are the lifeblood of our site. We love them. Shoot over anything that is happening around your 'hood. Demolition in the area? Send it over. Orange zoning sticker on that house, business or vacant lot? Yes! New park or green space coming near your work or home? Sounds amazing! Leave a tip with us at — anonymity is guaranteed, unless you want a shout-out.

Join our Flickr pool! Let's face it, Philly has some amazing professional and amateur photographers and urban explorers taking some of the most dynamic shots of the city. We love them. Want some of your shots featured on Curbed Philly? Join our Flickr pool and share them with the world. It's easy and allows Curbed readers to see your work and a side of Philly they may not have ever seen before. Create or log-in to your Flickr account, hit up this link to "Join This Group," and then pick which photos you'd like to share with Curbed Philly. Be sure to make your shots available for download as well.

Join the conversation on Twitter! Not only do we shoot out all of our updates on Twitter, but we also look and listen for news that's happening all over Philly. It's a great way to keep up with what is going on right now in your area. If you see something that you think we'll love, follow and tag @CurbedPhilly.