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Could a Nano-Brewery Be On its Way to Pennsport Warehouse?

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[Photos via James Jennings]

Nearby neighbors have recently received a flyer announcing a yet-to-be-scheduled public meeting regarding plans for the redevelopment of the nearly 11,000 square foot Emoda warehouse and building site at 1800 East Moyamensing Avenue. According to the flyer, developers want to relocate the existing lots lines — 13 in all — into one and are looking to use the site for the purpose of a "nano-brewery, distribution of malt or brewed beverages, sit-down restaurant, and retail sales of food, beverages and groceries." The site is currently zoned RSA-5 (residential) and will need a variance in order to be re-zoned for commercial mixed-use and limited industrial-use. Nestled between Moyamensing Avenue to the east, Orianna Street to the west and Moore Street to the north, this L-shaped warehouse comprises of about half of the block and includes the corner property at Moore Street and Moyamensing Avenue. There is a quirk, however, as the four houses from 1802-1808 East Moyamensing Avenue are surrounded by the warehouse and are not included in the Emoda plans. While there is no set date for the meeting with the Pennsport Civic Association, we imagine that there will one key topic discussed once it happens: parking.