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Good News for the Vacant Lincoln Building on Locust Street

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Construction efforts to redevelop The Lincoln at 1222 Locust Street could begin "within the next few months," according to Philly Mag's Property. While the building was purchased by David Perelman of Pelican Properties back in September, word from this week's meeting with the Washington Square West Civic Association (WSWCA) is that plans can now move forward after a Philadelphia sheriff's sale ended a year-long lawsuit between New York based investors who formerly owned the property.

It's unclear what those plans are entirely. The last we had heard, plans from 2011 for the hotel comprised of 44 apartments — including studio, one and two bedroom units — and the addition of a sixth story. A fire tore through the building back in 2006 and its sat vacant since. Perelman plans to meet with WSWCA next week to go over the plans.
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