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Two Developments in Queen Village are Rolling Along

[Renderings via Plan Philly]

Two developments on opposite ends of Queen Village are rolling along. The first is The Bridgeview on Swanson Street, which will swap that oddly shaped (and placed) vacant lot adjacent to the off-ramp of I-95 with 75 modern town homes — each boasting roof deck views of the Ben Franklin Bridge and interior resident-only parking lot. The second project is decidedly smaller. Crews were busy working on three new town homes that will be wedged between League Street to the north and Washington Avenue to the south. These new homes will replace a vacant garage. The large scale Bridgeview complex is interesting for a few reasons. For one, Swanson Street ends where the project begins and JKR Associates will extend the street for a private drive. Secondly, Each of the 75 town homes will have a "bridge view" made possible by the sloping topography of the site from I-95 to Columbus Boulevard, whether you like the project or not, that's pretty cool. Lastly, there are no garages as surface parking lots comprised of 75 parking spaces will divide the three rows of houses — thanks to that aforementioned extension of Swanson Street. Main concerns are congestion due to the proximity of the off-ramp to I-95. Also, how in the heck are residents traveling northbound on Columbus Boulevard going to access the development?

Construction for the smaller project on League Street is underway as well. Three town homes will front the charming little street that is just a few steps from the historic Sparks Shot Tower (and the Mummer's Museum). What's a little disappointing is that each home will have a garage that fronts Washington Avenue — which is scheduled to be re-striped and made more pedestrian and bike friendly — but it's certainly understandable that future home-owners wouldn't want to front Washington Avenue.
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