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Coffee Shop Style Located Above South Street Coffee Shop

Have you ever wanted to live above a coffee shop? Or maybe it's been your dream to have your own little slice of Friends and always grab the incredible (and centrally located) seats while enjoying some freshly brewed java. This two bed, two bath condo on South Street is going for just under $400k, but it's worth every penny as it allows you to fulfill two of those amazing life goals. For one, it's located directly above the Starbucks on 9th and South Street. It's also across the street from Whole Foods and a short pivot around the corner from Seger Park. Secondly, the open format of the living room allows you to recreate your favorite Friends moments as it's styled not unlike a comfy, cozy neighborhood coffee shop with wood grain and earth tones, stainless steel appliances and floor-to-ceiling windows. There are two sizable bedrooms and a "flex space" that can be used as an office. Are you missing a Joey or Phoebe in your group? Chances are good that you'll meet them on the enormous shared roof top deck that offers incredible views of the Philly skyline. · 600 S 9th Street [Redfin]