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Gehry's Art Museum Plan Exhibit Opens Today, Poll Results!

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Remember that cool 3-D model of Frank Gehry's $350m renovation and expansion plans for the Philadelphia Museum of Art? Well, you can see live and in person at the museum in an exhibit they're calling "Making a Classic Modern: Frank Gehry's Master Plan for the Philadelphia Museum of Art" (or, for the sake of brevity, MCM:FGMPPMA). On display from July 1st through September 1st during museum hours, the comprehensive exhibit will feature more 3D models, detailed renderings, photographs and video. That's cool and all, but we really know why you came by to read this post — the poll results from last week!

You came out en force to cast your vote in the stance for or against the redesign of the famed Rocky Steps — over 650 votes came through! This one was all over the map emotionally, some of you looked upon the plans in a neutral light and many readers simply responded with the obligatory "Noooooo."

Strictly by the numbers, over 55% of you are in favor of Gehry's 'bold move' to carve up those steps to make a window/amphitheater for the expansion below deck. It's certainly an unconventional and controversial decision to make such a dramatic change to one of Philadelphia's most famous landmarks. Check out the statement from the museum on the matter:

Gehry's design is the embodiment of creative stewardship. It reflects a deep sympathy for a much beloved architectural landmark and, at the same time, an understanding of how this facility needs to be changed to continue to serve the needs of our visitors and our community. It is, in sum, an inspiring blueprint for the future of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and one in which we believe everyone should have an interest.With that statement in mind, what are your real feelings towards this project as a whole and the plans for those steps? Hit us up in the comments!
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