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Philly's Iconic Meat Dishes; 10 Burgers to Try Right Now

PHILADELPHIA — This week, Eater Philly and the rest of the Eater universe put on a protein-packed meatstravaganza we're calling The Five Days of Meat. To kick things off, we mapped out an essential guide to Philadelphia's most iconic meat dishes.

ITALIAN MARKET — To keep the meat madness going, we talked to third-generation butcher Louis Esposito, who co-owns 103-year-old Esposito's Meats with his brother Lee. He talked about everything from returning to the family business after a detour through law school to the evolution of the Italian Market over the many decades he's worked there.

PHILADELPHIA — Eater Philly also welcomed a new Heatmap to the family in honor of our meat-centric celebration: the Burger Heatmap, which will regularly track what's newest, buzziest, and most delicious on a bun rightthisveryminute.

SOUTH STREET — This week saw the debut of the annual PHS Pop-Up Garden, a public space and beer garden put on in a different location each year by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, reusing plants from the Philly Flower Show. Get all this year's details right here.

AVENUE OF THE ARTS — Throughout the week, Eater Philly readers nominated and then voted on Philly's best steakhouse.

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