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Drone Shots of Philadelphia are Pretty Damn Incredible

Photos via Matt Satell, Philly By Air

Have you ever wanted to take breathtaking photographs of the Philadelphia skyline without having to climb into a helicopter or step foot in the Zoo Balloon? Get a drone like Matt Satell did. Then, check this handy website from the FAA regarding the rules of unmanned aircraft systems (a drone in your case) and shoot some awesome photographs on crisp, beautiful days around the Philadelphia Region. After you've snapped your pics, start a website documenting your adventures. Seriously, we all can't wait to see your pictures. Until you do that, let's take a look at Matt's, shall we? Sidenote: drones are now being used to market luxury houses, allowing for sweeping flyovers on these expansive (and expensive) estates. As for the photos (and video after the jump), there is a enough of real estate-, development-, sky- and Philly-porn in there to last a lifetime. Also, if you happened to read our AM Linkage from a little bit ago (you should check those out, we pack that with all kinds of goodness), we highlighted Steam Machine Pictures. Their reel of drone footage features some insane video of Philly that you're not going to want to miss. Drones, people, they can do some pretty neat stuff.

Steam Machine Pictures Aerial Reel Spring '14 from Steam Machine on Vimeo.

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