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Real Estate Deathmatch: Old-Timey Elfreth's Alley Edition

Have you ever dreamed of living in one of the nation's ultimate historic districts? Look no further than Elfreth's Alley in Old City. Not only is it America's oldest continually inhabited street, it has the houses that take you back in time on the exterior and offer that great mix of historical flair with modern necessities. So now, we have THREE houses on the alley for sale, which one would you choose? Two are single-families, but if potential rental income is what you're after, we've got one of those on here as well. Results will be revealed Monday morning!

Address: 123 Elfreth's Alley
Price: $795,000
Size: 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom - 2,641 square feet
Tale of the Tape: Modern upgrades plus endearing historical design, this house is vintage Elfreth's Alley. The owners have struck a nice balance in giving you a modern, sizable kitchen, kept the exposed brick and fireplaces and also remodeled a marble floored bathroom. It's hard not to like this house by simply gazing upon it from the alley, its red shutters take you back to the early 1800s.

Address: 133-35 Elfreth's Alley
Price: $850,000
Size: 3 bedroom, 3bathroom - 2,290 square feet
Tale of the Tape: An ultra-wide property on tiny Elfreth's Alley? Hells yeah! This house was buily in 1799 and maintains the historical exterior with its beautiful red brick and dark shutters. It's more expensive and "smaller" than the 123 Elfreth's, but it has an absolutely glorious outdoor space on the side lot. There's also a finished basement with a suanu and a whirlpool bath. Rooms feature hardwood floors, large windows and the top one has a vaulted wood ceiling.

Address: 125 Elfreth's Alley
Price: $649,000
Size: 4 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom - 3,122 square feet
Tale of the Tape: Here's your chance to own a duplex on Elfreth's Alley. Here's the deal, you get the first and second floor and you make half of your mortage back by way of the upper rental unit. Each of their own private entrance and your unit has hardwood floors, fireplaces and two bedrooms with one and a half baths. Sure, it may not have the charm of the first two properties, but it very well could!

Poll results

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