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8 Incredibly Awesome Outdoor Spaces Currently on the Market

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Day Two of Outdoors Week rolls on with a collection of some of the most beautiful outdoor spaces currently on the market in Philadelphia. Even though the weather isn't exactly "get-outside-and-go" this week, we'd imagine you'd have a pretty difficult time not wanting to take advantage of some of these amazing amenities, especially the pools! Want to get out of your house and explore? Don't forget to check out our handy map of Philadelphia's Unsung and Underrated Parks from yesterday!

Address: 603 West Harwell Lane, Chestnut Hill
Price: $5,000,000
What's outside: This amazing estate sits on over three acres of impressively landscaped land. Yeah, it has a pool, but it also has a peaceful, multi-level brook running through the property as well, each reservoir with its own waterfall to the next. Also, this place has outdoor balconies galore!

Address: 647 West Phil Ellena Street, Mount Airy
Price: $1,150,000
What's outside: Want to live in one of the famed "Three Sister's" built by the Strawbridge's back in late 1800's? This property has been fully restored and offers wonderful space to relax and entertain outside. The paver patio is nestled alongside a lush garden and just off of the main porch, which is perfect for an iced tea on a warm summer day.

Address: 6910 Wissahickon Avenue, Mount Airy
Price: $3,4495,000
What's outside: Are we sensing a patter with estates in the northwest section of the city? They're huge and offering stunning outdoor spaces that have almost anything you could need. This 3.5 acre estate has everything. Built in 1911, it comes complete with well manicured grounds, a Har-Tru tennis court and an in-ground swimming pool with carriage house! To make it even better, most every room has a terrace that overlooks this stunning property.

Address: 701 West Allens Lane, Mount Airy
Price: $1,175,000
What's outside: Saracinesca, as it's called, is over one acre of lush gardens and amazing green space. Not only does it have a castle-like turret with a grand balcony that's ripe for a fire pit, the pool is the centerpiece of the exterior. To make it even better, the wrap around kitchen overlooks the pool and deck area. You'll get plenty of sunlight in this baby! Be sure to check out the interior of this beauty as well.

Address: 218 Lynnebrooke Lane, Chestnut Hill
Price: $1,795,000
What's outside: Simply known as Lynnewood (not that Lynnewood, the other one)this stunning estate is just dripping in flagstone. Again, the 3.5 acre grounds are enormous and beauttiful, highlighted by a wonderful swimming pool. Fun fact: the movie "Stealing Home" featuring Jodie Foster was shot here.

Address: 7 Caryl Lane, Chestnut Hill
Price: $1,400,000
What's outside: This house has some history. It was once "Stonecliff" — a medieval castle-like estate designed by Theophilus Chandler. However, that burnt down and eventually became this awesome property. Just take a look at the pool area! There are stone arches everywhere and the main deck has western vantage points up to forty miles! Go ahead, get your Game of Thrones on in this one.

Address: 1414 South Penn Square, Center City
Price: $2,920,000
What's outside: Step inside the Residences at the Ritz Carlton on South Broad Street. This place doesn't have much in the way of outdoor space if we're talking Mount Airy figures, but damn, you'll look directly at William Penn with this balcony. Oh, and you'll also overlook the soon-to-be-amazing Dilworth Plaza. There's also a nice on-site dog run as well as a grotto area with benches and waterfall, but this one is all about that view of City Hall.

Address: 615-17 Fitzwater Street
Price: $4,250,000
What's outside: Nestled deep in Bella Vista lies one of the most insane properties on the market today. It's grand interior is a mix between a lavish hotel and some sort of luxury theater. The exterior however, it equally amazing. The patio area features heated tiles and leads to a T-shaped Jacuzzi with custom lighting. It's surrounded by a waterfall and privacy shrubs. The second patio is highlighted by a working wood-burning fireplace. Seriously, don't miss this listing.

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