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Ron Swanson Would Hate This Philly Statue of Ron Swanson

A reddit user pretty much broke the Philadelphia internet when they posted they had found a "majestic marble sculpture of Ron Swanson" inside the Walnut Street Theatre. That, or that crazy storm broke your internet. Anywho, the statue clearly isn't Ron Swanson for a few reasons. One, it's not made of bacon, wrapped in an American Flag or, as one comment notes, not made of finely crafted wood. Two, it's actually Edwin Forrest, the "first grand tragedian of the American stage" and namesake of nearby Forrest Theater. Or is it?

Yeah, it really is. Although, we were secretly hoping it was some sort of incredible Shia LeBouf-type display of performance art. Or better yet, that Edwin Forrest built some sort of time travel device in the late 1850's when his fame has supposedly waned, came to the present day and developed a solid acting career under the stage name Nick Offerman until he got his big break as Ron Swanson in Parks & Rec.
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