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Everything is Awesome: Spirit of Ed Bacon Lives in Legos

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Lovers of Legos and the City of Philadelphia, you need to have a seat for a second. Honestly, we're afraid the picture you're about to see may be too much for your nerdy, urbanist hearts. Are you seated? Okay, here goes nothing...

This is Legodelphia and yes, much like the song, everything about it really is awesome. City Paper quite possibly tracked down one of the coolest people on the planet. His name is Levi Buffum and he is the Ed Bacon of the Lego world. Exacting in his ways with the positioning of the white plastic blocks, Buffum estimates he's about "80%" through constructing Center City completely out of white and clear Legos. Utilizing Google Earth for overhead vantage points, he started with constructing the block that contains Liberty Plaza and fanned out from there. The current state is quite remarkable, spanning River to River, Spruce Street to Race Street.

So, what kind of plans does he have for the set once it's finally completed? Will it go in a museum or sold on eBay? Buffum isn't quite sure, but you more than likely wont be able to purchase it. "I haven't decided," Buffum told City Paper, "It'd be really cool if there was a building in Philly somewhere that wanted to display it, City Hall or the Comcast building or something. I'm not looking to necessarily sell it or anything, I'm not trying to make money off it. I just would like to see it out there."

Well, Levi Buffum, it's out there and you are indeed awesome! If you'd like to follow Buffum's progress, check out his Facebook page. He's already drawing up plans for a display base. We're hoping he ventures up the Parkway to Fairmount Park. Imagine the brilliant contrast of green parkland against those pearly white blocks.
· Look: A huge model of Center City built out of Legos! [City Paper]