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New Designs for Old City Billboard Blocker Feature Billboard

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Rendering via Gluck & Partners/Plan Philly

Remember that dynamic looking apartment complex at 205 Race Street that we all thought was derailed due to a billboard of all things? Well, it looks like Brown Hill Developments is going to give it another go. They've tweaked the billboard blocking design — seriously, a billboard all but killed this project — and also added some affordable housing. Plans are to have 142 apartment of various sizes, including studio, 1- and 2- bedrooms, with 28 parking spots. 14,000 square feet of commercial space will also be built on the ground floor of the complex. As you can see, the design of the building is L-shaped, rising 51 feet over Race Street and 197 feet on the 2nd Street side of the building. While only most of the vantage points of the Ben Franklin Bridge will be preserved, the 150 foot tall billboard will remain unblocked — phew! As Jared Brey of Plan Philly hilariously points out, the billboard is prominently featured in the new renderings. Must we say, it looks beautiful! Building permits have been filed and, aside from a few meetings with the Historical Commission and the Civic Design Review, this baby could actually be built in the near future. However, if someone finds yet another reason that project can't be built, we will officially sum it up in one GIF. · Developers take another crack at 205 Race Street [Plan Philly]
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