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A Furness-Designed Manse: The Ultimate Wedding Present

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Brooke Mansion, a 42 room mega-mansion in Birdsboro designed by Frank Furness in 1887, is on the market for $1.99M . Forget the fact that it would make a beautiful retirement home or event space for grand weddings and celebrations, transport yourself back in time for a moment and realize that this used to be someone's actual house, and believe it or not, it used to be even bigger. Currently sitting on three acres, nearly 6,000 of the original parcel was sold in the '30s to create Hopewell Village Federal Historic Site and French Creek State Park. Furness designed this beauty for his buddy, Industrialist Edward Brook III, to give to his fiance as a wedding present. Obviously, she said yes. Love makes us do crazy things. Thankfully, that meant having one of the most famous architects in the world design and build your future wife a truly spectacular home. No expense was spared, and it shows. This house features ten fireplaces and is dripping with exotic woods all over the floors, walls and even the interior and exterior ceilings. The entrance is bathed in intricate iron details and leads to a grand staircase with finely crafted wood railings. The rounded, wraparound porch looks larger than most rowhomes and would make an absolute killer outdoor space for a wedding reception or relaxing bed and breakfast.
· 301 Washington Street, Birdsboro [Redfin]
· Frank Furness' Brooke Mansion on the market []