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Old City's Huge 'Real World' Corn Exchange Asks $4.3M

Images via MSC Retail and

Have you ever walked by the large, bank-like building on the corner of 3rd and Arch Street in Old City and thought, you know what, that would be the perfect building for a reality TV show! Welp, it actually (unfortunately?) happened when it was MTV-ified for Real World: Philadelphia in 2004. Now it's on the block for a cool $4.3M. Built in 1902 as the Union Bank of Philadelphia (later on, it was the Girard Corn Exchange National Bank and Seaman's Church Institute), this beautiful building will always be called The Real World House. We gotta admit, that kind of sucks. (We also gotta admit that we also refer to it as The Real World House, sorry). Anyway, the building was most recently an event space called TRUST and Jacob Cooper of MSC Retail is looking for someone to give this 15,000 square foot spot some new life. He told, "It's a very dramatic and iconic building in Old City. It could be an office, a retail store, a restaurant; an event space with a fabulous catering hall ... There are a lot of opportunities for a user or an investor." Trying to shed the gaudy, hot tub-lovin' skin left behind from The Real World, the space offers a wide open floor plan with an incredible mezzanine that overlooks the first floor and eye-level with a scintillating chandelier. Want to see what it looked like for MTV and how it looks now? We've got the pics after the jump!

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