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Let's Look at Philly from the International Space Station

There is this fun website that let's you take a look at pictures of what major cities across the globe look like from the International Space Station. To make it even better and help highlight issues with light pollution, the pictures are of the cities at night. The three photos from around the region include Philadelphia/Camden, Trenton (mainly New York City) and Atlantic City. Want do see what Philly looks like from over 200 miles up? Check out the shots after the jump!

Woah, that's a lot of lights. Philadelphia and Camden nearly light up the entire picture. While Center City is clearly the brightest, it's rather unbelievable you can't seem to see Geno's from space. Temple University lights up North Philly and the Sports Complex hold its down for South Philly. Also, how cool is it to trace the mighty Delaware River throughout the photo?

According to the map, this is supposed to be a picture of Trenton. However, it looks like it's mainly New York City and points east of Trenton. That big, dark piece in the center is Raritan Bay going into Staten Island and Brooklyn. You'll also notice the blurry part at the top is actually cloud cover.

How cool does AC look from space? All of the boardwalk action is condensed into that intense point of light at the top of the photo and you can easily make out Brigantine and Ocean City as well.

Here are a couple more of our favorites, just for fun:

· Cities at Night [Official]