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Real-Life Casino Breaks Ground on $164 Million Expansion

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Renderings via Philadelphia Business Journal

It's an rare occurrence these days to talk about a local casino actually expanding and not about those facing the shutter. Actually, it's odd to be talking about a real-life casino, not simply of those with grandiose plans to be built sometime in the future at a location still to be determined. Anywho, SugarHouse Casino broke ground on a $164M expansion plan that includes a permanent poker room with 30 tables, an attached seven-story parking garage and more non-gaming related amenities. What kind of non-gaming amenities you ask? Well, SugarHouse is planning for four new restaurant spaces and a ballroom/event space that overlooks the Delaware River. Public riverfront trail access will be expanded by 250 feet. That doesn't sound like much but if it expands access and connects to the Penn Street Trail, that's pretty damn good for those traveling to and from Penn Treaty Park. The design is pretty much the same as before, kind of airport-y meets shopping mall meets urban casino, especially due to the prominent parking garage structure at the new West Entrance. Construction is expected to take two years.

· 500 permanent and part-time casino jobs
· 700 construction jobs over two years
· Expand from 106,000 gross square feet to approx. 250,000 square feet
· Nearly 2,400 parking spaces
· 2,250 feet of landscaped, waterfront access
· Gaming floor goes from 51,000 square feet to almost 90,000
· Dedicated poker room
· Up to six spaces for public art
· Expanded trail access
· Four restaurant spaces with outdoor dining options

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SugarHouse Casino

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