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Enormous Bella Vista Mansion Chops $50K from Asking Price

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Yes, we realize we're running this latest edition of Pricechopper on the same day we ran a story about soaring home prices in South Philly. But hey, it's not everyday you get to feature a South Philly mansion from the 1860s. While this place was listed at $1.15M, it just hacked 50 Large off the top to make it an even $1.1M. Not only is it enormous (over 3,800 square feet) and beautiful, this baby is dripping with a ridiculous amount of Victorian touches, such as the amazing floor to ceiling mirrors, intricate lighting and ornamental marble fireplace with gilded gold cornices. As for the rest of the house, well, let's hit up the rundown — chandeliers, fireplaces, Viking and Samsung appliances, a spa room, a large outdoor space, a private terrance and a roof deck with skyline views and inlaid oak hardwood floors. To top it off, you're in Bella Vista, just a short walk from Center City, East Passyunk, the Italian Market and Queen Village. One more thing, the house comes with one year of prepaid parking in the Superfresh on South Street. · 758 S. 10th Street [Redfin]