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Could a Huge Catering Facility Be Coming to The Met?

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Renderings: Stokes/EB Realty Management Corp, Photos: James Jennings

There are some interesting developments going on at the Metropolitan Opera House on North Broad Street. You know it simply as The Met. Chris Cordaro of EB Realty Management Corporation tells us that they are currently in negotiations to convert the lower level of the building into a large catering facility. "We're in discussions now about the size," said Cordaro when contacted by phone. Although nothing is solid quite yet, he noted that it could be up to 20,000 square feet in size. EB Realty — you know, Eric Blumenfeld's company — owns the property along with Holy Ghost Headquarters Church. Cordaro also mentioned that Holy Ghost, led by Reverend Mark A. Hatcher, will also have a separate space for services. What's more, Cordaro explained that they're looking to add a bakery, a restaurant, some office space and a grand banquet area in addition to the planned event space, which is still being developed.

Remember how we brought you the news they were busy blasting the graffiti off of The Divine Lorraine? Well, it looks like The Met has gotten a scrub down on the Broad Street and Poplar Street sides of the building, both had large tags as recently as October of last year. Cordaro mentioned there is no set timeline for the project but they were "very pleased" with the renderings supplied by Stokes Architecture.
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