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The Grand Budapest Hotel's Best Reviews on TripAdvisor

Admittedly, this post has zero to do about Philly and everything to do about the wonders of The Internet. Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel has a TripAdvisor page and visitors are welcome to add their own review. Yes, TripAdvisor does the whole "this is a fictional place" disclaimer, but there are currently 124 reviews on the page and it's growing. Check out the description:
"Located in the mountainous Republic of Zubrowka and reached by funicular railway The Grand Budapest Hotel has all the advantages of being secluded amongst nature, while having attractions including the Kunst Museum and Mendl's Patisserie close at hand. Famed for its staffs' meticulous attention to detail and commitment to the wellbeing of its residents this hotel proves to be the perfect retreat - you'll never experience anything quite like the Grand Budapest Hotel."
We've compiled a list of our Grand, Good and Not-So-Good reviews after the jump. The Grand:

The Good:

The Not-So-Good:

· Hotel Review: The Grand Budapest Hotel [TripAdvisor]