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Mormon Apartment Tower, Meetinghouse Head to Civic Review

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Renderings via BLT Architects/RAMSA , Photos: James Jennings

You want to know the most amazing part about proposed projects going up for Civic Design Review? We get to peek at all the fun details and share them with you. Such is the case with the proposed Mormon Meetinghouse and its adjacent 32-story apartment building for 1601 Vine Street. Not only do we get some new renderings straight from BLT Architects and (love-him-or-blah-him) Robert A.M. Stern, we also check in to see "what's under the hood," so to speak. The Mormon meetinghouse will be 24,000 square feet and 117 feet high to the steeple. It will house a chapel, a cultural center with what looks to be a gymnasium, classrooms, and also feature the "Sunday Garden" located on that funky corner of Franklin Town Boulevard and Wood Street.

As for the 359 foot high apartment tower, you probably already know about the 264 apartments and 13 rental townhomes side of things. However, there are a few other important tidbits in the proposal. The complex will feature six green roofs, three on the Wood Street side and three on the Vine Street side, encompassing 7,500 square feet of space and also house a large, south-facing observation deck and a separate "amenities terrace," where we imagine the swimming pool might be located. Amenities also include a fitness and business center. A two-level, below grade parking deck with room for 238 parking spaces is also in the plans. The project is also proposing a bike share service, which would mesh nicely with the planned retail space that runs the length of the building's east side from Wood to Vine on 16th Street. With the Mormon Temple moving along nicely — its two steeples rising into the sky — the proposed meetinghouse and tower will hopefully fill in those large gaps on Vine Street in the not-too-distant future.
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