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Historic, Ginormous Girard Estate Wins Battle of Spruce Street

It turns out that The Battle of Spruce Street wasn't much of a battle at all, as the historic house at 330 Spruce Street asking $1.85M steamrolled its nearby neighbor — the more expensive corner property at 400 Spruce Street listed at $1.9M — by taking 70% of the vote. To be fair, while the homes are located a few steps from each other and technically of similar listing size, 330 Spruce Street just had way too much going for it. The fact that it was once Stephen Girard's house tipped the scale heavily in its favor, and that was before we even got to the southern pine floors, marble fireplaces and that whole detached cottage house dealy, which sits across from the main residence in the lovely garden area that also offers a private entrance into John F. Collins' Three Bears Park. The modern house at 400 Spruce is wonderful, offering plenty of size and upgrades like a designer kitchen. However, you weren't in love with the vibrant colors in the bedrooms and, man, you really love yourself some good old Philly history. So, cheers to you, Stephen Girard house at 330 Spruce Street! You've certainly earned it.
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