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205 Race Street Says Bye-Bye to Digital Brick Facade

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Renderings via Gluck+ and Brown Hill

Hey, hey heyyy — look who's got a completely new rendering! That's right, 205 Race Street has recently been brought back from the dead (proposal) zone and looks to have included a major facade change to the 197' apartment tower. Gone are the digital-style brick and glass elements that blend into the sky in favor of a more Euro-modern, sleek look. The proposal for the Civic Design Review calls for two different type of metal panels, one glossy and the other flat, to accompany "vision glass." It's a stark contrast to the previous rendering, it seems more do-able, albeit colder. Seriously, computer-generated people in the render, put a jacket on! The 14,619 square feet of ground floor retail will also be encased in bright, Apple-esque glass box that wraps around the building. The project will be LEED Gold Certified and include 146 rental units (with some as affordable housing), underground parking and a 7,087 square foot outdoor green roof terrace on the fifth floor that essentially looks like an extension of the nearby Race Street Pier. How or why there isn't a pool on that thing, we'll never know. Well, do you like the new designs or did you have your heart set on a grand digital sky-blender along the Ben Franklin Bridge?

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