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Oh Captain, My Captain: Claude Giroux Nets 10 Rittenhouse Pad

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Who needs teeth when you have a $2.2M condo on the 29th floor at 10 Rittenhouse. According to Natalie Kostelni of the Philadelphia Business Journal, Philadelphia Flyers Captain Claude Giroux recently bought the unit on the swanky side of town through a wealth management firm. It now makes him neighbors with Brian Roberts, you know, the Chairman and CEO of Comcast. The exact unit is not known, but Property does have some pics from inside the 29th floor "pre-Giroux," as they put it. Local sports website Crossing Broad suggests that it could be unit 2901, which is a 2,294 square foot penthouse unit that recently sold for $2.25M. While the exact unit may not be known, we do know this — bars in the Rittenhouse Square area, consider this your fair warning.
· Claude Giroux buys big on Rittenhouse Square [PBJ]