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Investors Want The Please Touch Museum to Pay Up

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Bad news for lovers of Memorial Hall and the Please Touch Museum (PTM), according to a report from The Inquirer, the children's learning and fun-house is a 'deadbeat' when it comes to paying its debts. On the hook for $58 million to its investors, the museum has officially been downgraded to a 'D' in its latest Standard and Poor's Credit Rating — their lowest such rating. Under the weight of renovating the magnificent Beaux Arts style Memorial Hall, which saw its grand re-opening in 2008, PTM actually owes more than $100 million when you factor in the interest. So, might we recommend you grab the kids (or niece/nephews, if you don't have children) and take a trip to West Fairmount Park? Not only can your kids ride the 100 year old carousel, fake grocery shop, get lost (and frightened) in the labyrinth of Alice in Wonderland and generally run-a-muck, but you can nerd out a little as well by taking in one of Philadelphia most ridiculously beautiful and historically important pieces of architecture. While you're there, hit up the basement and gawk at the to-scale model of Centennial Exposition, it's 20' by 40' of pure magic.