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Dental Retainers Causing a Ruckus in Residential Bustleton

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Could the manufacturing of dental retainers really disrupt the very fabric of a quiet residential slice of Bustleton in Northeast Philly? That's apparently what Jack O'Hara, president of the Greater Bustleton Civic League, thinks as he believes that the business sets a bad precedent for the future of the neighborhood. According to the Daily News, the story goes like this: In 2012, the Zoning Broad of Adjustment granted Romanian-born Flore Andresi a variance to operate the business out of his home on Haldeman Avenue, across the street from a TD Bank and near the Red Lion Shopping Plaza. The civic association appealed the decision and Andresi was recently in front of the ZBA to plead his case for hardship because, you know, that's how you get the variance in the first place. One thing, while he used to reside in the home and run the business, he doesn't live there anymore and O'Hara is concerned that, if a variance is granted, Andresi could pack up shop and another manufacturing business can move right in or neighbors could seek to open manufacturing businesses on the block.
"People enjoy living in this semisuburban area of the city," O'Hara told the Daily News. "This guy manufacturing dental retainers on a residential block is a step in dismantling that fabric." He simply wants Andresi to move the business to one of the nearby vacant storefronts that's zoned for business, while Andresi maintains his neighbors are cool with it. "I've done everything legal," Andresi told the Daily News. " I have a business privilege license from the city. I pay taxes on my business." While we're awaiting a decision on this case, tell us what you make of this residential dental ruckus.
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