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Oh Look, Construction Begins at the New Comcast Tower!

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[Photo from June, renderings via Foster+Partners, Liberty Property Trust, and Comcast]

Back in mid-June, we snapped a few shots of some cranes being moved into the empty lot at 18th and Arch Street — you know it as the future home of Philly's tallest building, the Comcast Innovation and Technology Center. It kinda-sorta signaled that a groundbreaking could be on the horizon for the future Norman Foster designed skyscraper. It turns out, that was indeed the case as construction has now begun. According to the Philadelphia Business Journal, Liberty Property Trust and Comcast have made their agreement officially official, only this time, it has been revealed that the cable giants will occupy 982,275 square feet instead of the original plan of 957,000. That's about 74% of the entire building, but not all of it — don't forget that the Four Seasons will have that amazing rooftop hotel space. Of the $933 million it will cost to construct the tower (not counting the interior), $40 million in state and city funds will be used on infrastructure improvements, including extending and renovating Suburban Station's underground concourse, which may or may not be renamed Verizon Station in the not too distant future.

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