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Ed McMahon Squires You Around Philadelphia Circa 1967

Have you even wondered what it would be like to have been squired about town by a Ron Burgundy-like figure in the late 1960's? That's exactly what Philadelphia Tomorrow City - Today, a video from the Philadelphia Department of Records' Youtube Channel, does as Ed McMahon smoothly maneuvers viewers through our fair city and its many economic, physical and cultural developments of the time. Be whisked away to Society Hill, as Mr. Star Search himself explains the importance of historic preservation and the I. M. Pei's ultra-mod Society Hill Towers. You'll see what Philly was like before I-95 divided the city from its waterfront (something even noted by McMahon), the development of the Food Distribution Center, an expanding Philadelphia International Airport and the beginnings of the Sports Complex. Things even get a little racy when we visit a fashion show at the Philadelphia Museum of Art &$8212; you can feel McMahon blushing! There's all kinds of amazing tidbits in there for you to enjoy. Drop us a comment with your favorite part of the video!

· Philadelphia Department of Records [Youtube]