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Horace Trumbauer's Lynnewood Hall Hits the Market at $20M

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Lead Photo via Zillow, Rest from the lens of Laura Kicey

Horace Trumbauer is a pretty big deal 'round these parts. So, when Frank Gehry wants to mess with his grand staircase at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, for example, we take notice. When his glorious, Gilded Age Lynnewood Hall in Elkins Park glides onto the market at a cool $20 million, we sit back in our chairs with mouth agape. Built in 1900, Trumbauer meticulously crafted this estate on over 33 acres in Montgomery County for the Widener Family. Few houses rival its size, yet few have sat so long. Bought by Richard S. Yoon in 1996 at sheriff's sale, he planned to turn it into a branch of his church, The First Korean Church of New York. After losses in multiple court cases, and $130,000 in taxes per month, it looks as though Mr. Yoon has no choice but to part with the property where he once studied to become a pastor (it used to house Faith Theological Seminary in the 1990's). Are you in the market for a 70,000 square foot, Trumbauer designed masterpiece filled with 110 rooms that could rival any of the historic estates in the entire country? Please say yes, and please restore it to its former glory. Alas, it's a shame that an estate with such history, so grandiose, could be summed up in a brief listing description and three measly photos. We urge to you look past the craptastic photo from the listing and lose yourself in the majesty of Lynnewood Hall through Laura Kicey's photos from 2012. As for the listing, this is all you'll get for the $20m property:
Lynnewood Hall " A True Neoclassical Revival Masterpiece..... Main House 110 Rooms 70 000 Sq. Ft. Of living space & 33.85 gated acres. Two Parcels 310000820004 & 310000823001 · Lynnewood Hall, A1 Ashbourne Rd, Elkins Park, PA 19027 [Zillow]
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Lynnewood Hall

920 Spring Avenue, Elkins Park, PA 19027