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Delancey Street Home Gives New Meaning to 'When Doves Cry'

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Before you read any more about this three bed, three bath, 2,838 square foot home on Delancey Street, indulge us with a brief exercise. Imagine a moment in time where Prince moved in with Liberace and they undertook the task of designing the interior of a modern home in the Society Hill section of Philadelphia. Close your eyes for a moment and simply let your imagination run wild. You're thinking mysterious purple tones everywhere, right? Now, you've moved on to ornate candelabras and jellyfish shaped chandeliers. And don't forget about the lace— you need lots and lots of lace. Have you gotten to the hand painted piano and wall motifs, yet? Good. Stop there. What you've just imagined has come to life in this house, except you forgot about the explosion of green marble, butterfly mural, stained glass shower and even more lace than you imagined (c'mon, we're talking about Prince). The bones of this house are certainly there, given its modern exterior, amount of interior space, artistic flair and lovely outdoor space. Don't forget it's on the 200 block of Delancey Street, either. You can own this truly unique home for only $1.195 million. Trust us, you may never see a home quite like this one again. · 212 Delancey Street, Philadelphia, PA [Redfin]