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Queen Lane Apartments and the Magic of Planned Implosions

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As you may have read, crews are busy clearing the Queen Lane Apartments in Germantown in order to prep it for a "seconds long" implosion that's yet to be officially scheduled. It will make way for 55 affordable rental units from the Philadelphia Housing Authority. It's been over two years in the making, partially due to the discovery of an 18th Century burial ground on the site that is the final resting place for "all strangers, Negroes, and Mulattoes [who die] in any part of Germantown forever." As PlanPhilly explained, look for the implosion to take place sometime in October on a Saturday or Sunday. In the meantime, we've compiled a list of some of the top planned implosions as seen here in Philly over the years — complete with video!

↑ Sears Merchandise Center, Roosevelt Boulevard, 1994 This once held the world record for the largest explosively demolished building. As Rob Jennings notes in the coverage from 6ABC when they demolished this behemoth,"Nine million bricks hit the dirt."

↑ Veterans Stadium, South Philadelphia, 2004 Who could forget the implosion at The Vet? From the fan dropping the "f-word" on live TV to Greg Luzinski saying "fire," this was a treasure-trove of awesome.

↑ Penn Coach Chimney/Drexel Shaft, University City, 2009 The impressive demolition of the 425 foot chimney behind 30th Street Station was a spectacle to see and came as a part of a larger project to demolish The West Philadelphia Steam Plant and Pullman and General Service Building.

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