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'Piece of Heaven' in Rittenhouse Chops $100K Off Asking Price

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Apparently, it's tough to sell one of the more unique homes in the Rittenhouse/Fitler Square area. The 1,190 square foot house features two bedrooms, two baths. It was asking $795K when it hit the market just a month ago. Now, it's all the way down to $695K for reasons unknown. Let's examine it, shall we? For starters, the large, private garden is wonderful. One that size is difficult to come by and is definitely a plus. The house itself seems tight, perhaps over-staged (seriously, there's stuff everywhere), but it has some killer features like dark wood floors, beautiful moldings and a fireplace. The master bedroom overlooks the garden and is shaded by sun-kissed trees that you can touch from the balcony. Maybe the brokerbabble simply got in the way with phrases like, "enter through an iron gated private path to a piece of heaven" and "this quiet gem will make you feel like you are not in the city but in Europe." We'll admit, the ivy running up the outside of the house is quite magical, but heavenly (or even European)? We're not quite buyin' it. The question is, now that it's $100K cheaper, would you? · 406 S 21st Street [Redfin]