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Work Hums Along at South Philly's 'Sneckdown' Intersection

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Photos by James Jennings, This Old City

Remember when Jon Geeting of This Old City dropped some serious "sneckdown" knowledge on us about the crappy pedestrian experiences created by East Passyunk Avenue during the snowmageddon back in February? While we're certainly glad to see all of that snow melted away to a special corner of Hell (thanks for the traffic calming ideas, though), we're happier to report that work is chugging along at the intersection of East Passyunk Avenue, 10th and Reed Street. Crews are busy trying their darndest to make this 'wonky' spot less of a nightmare for pedestrians, bikers and cars alike. The Passyunk Post reported back in June that the work could cost upwards of "$400,000" and includes traffic calming techniques like expanding the curbs to shorten the distance pedestrians have to walk, improved signaling and the installation of ADA compliant ramps. Sadly, no greenery is included in the plans and work is expected to continue throughout the summer. Whether it's due to snow/slush, on-going construction or just a regular day at this intersection, traffic is still a mess, so any improvements are welcomed at this point.

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