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Cole Hamels Lists Newtown Square Home for $1.55M

Nothing fuels trade speculation more than when a player lists his house for sale — just ask Ryan Howard. Such is the case with Cole Hamels, who recently listed his house in Newtown Square for $1.55M (photos, possibly of a similar model, are here). While 'Hollywood' Hamels may have publicly stated that he "wants to be here" in Philadelphia, the Red Sox are hovering over our lovable, and lovably goofy, lefty with their bevy of prospects and loads of cash. Ryan Lawrence of the Daily News reports that Hamels is busy building a house in Missouri in order to be closer to his wife's family. With that in mind, we did Cole a solid and found some places he might want to think about renting in the near future until construction is finished. Or, you know, just in case something comes up, right, Rube? View and vote on your favorites after the jump!

The list:

Address: 305 Beaumont Road, Devon [Trulia]
Rent: $14,000/month - $17,000/month (furnished)
Size: 6 bed, 6 bath
The Rundown: Woah, this house is made for a baller — 2.4 acres, beautiful grand staircase, huge designer kitchen, library, stone terrace and so much more.

Address: 163 Colket Lane, Devon. [Trulia]
Rent: $6,800/month
Size: 5 bed, 5 bath
The Rundown: This one is roughtly half the size but perfect for a family — sizable yard with private pool, loaded kitchen, heated salt water pool, finished basement, cul de sac in Shand Tract neighborhood.

Address: 422 S. Waterloo Road, Devon [Trulia]
Rent: $5,000/month
Size: 4 bed, 4.5 bath
The Rundown: Celebs love their privacy — five acres, long, private driveway, five fireplaces, pool, "old world" moldings.

Address: 834 Forest Lane, Malvern [Trulia]
Rent: $4,300/month
Size: 4 bed, 3.5 bath
The Rundown: Maybe a house in Malvern could spark his fancy? John Diament custom build, one acre property, hardwood floors, deck.

Address: 448 Lucky Hill Road, West Chester [Trulia]
Rent: $3,750/month
Size: 5 bed, 4.5 bath
The Rundown: This modest house dates back to 1740 abd has roots dating back to William Penn — five fireplaces, custom cabinetry, wide-plank wood floors, overlooks tributary of the Brandywine Creek. It's the cheapest, but possibly the coolest!

Poll results

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