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Scratch That: Revel Casino Will Actually Close a Week Earlier

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Photos via Revel

So, remember how everyone was in a tizzy that Revel Hotel and Casino was set to close on September 10th? Welp, it's time to ruffle some more feathers because the closing date has been moved up more than a week. The Philadelphia Business Journal is reporting that the hotel will close at 11 a.m. on September 1st with the casino part closing the next morning, September 2nd at 5 a.m.. You think that's early? Revel Entertainment wanted it to be today. Wait, like today, today? Yes, today, August 18th. According to the Associated Press:
Revel Entertainment had asked New Jersey casino regulators for permission to close on Aug. 18. But the state Division of Gaming Enforcement denied the request, eventually prevailing upon Revel to remain open until Labor Day weekend.
Sheesh! There is still hope for the Arquitectonica designed Revel. Some seem to think it has hope as a mixed-use development. Until then, we can only marvel at its beautiful glamour shots of its sexy, undulating glass features, sophisticated spa and perfectly staged (and appropriately empty) hotel suites. · Revel owners fought to shut down early, and what to do about new A.C. eyesores [PBJ]
· Press Release [Revel Casino]