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Blatstein Reveals Plan for His Very Own McIlhenny Mansion

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Bart Blatstein's plan to demolish 1916 Rittenhouse, the domed property with a uniquely curbed brick wall attached to the main house at McIlhenny's Mansion, was recently released by the Center City Residents Association in an email to residents. According to Property, Blatstein plans to add a four-story, modern style addition to the mansion and use it as his personal residence. He purchased the long-vacant property last year for $4.2M and demo permits were issued on August 8th. But wait, there's more!

He got a helluva deal on the place from Tylenol heir Hank McNeil, who at one time listed the property for $11.7M — yo! McNeil never moved into the place, choosing instead to leave the mansion and buy on nearby Delancey Street, because money. (Sidenote: What is it with Blatstein getting insane deals?) Anyway, according to Hidden City, the house was already 8,600 square feet prior to Blatstein's vision and sat nearly 35 years without a tenant. The email states that the facade at 1914 Rittenhouse will remain unchanged. "It's a jewel in the city," he told the Daily News upon purchasing the property. It is one massive jewel!

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