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Gensler Will Design Keystone's One Conshohocken Project

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Well, it's safe to say that Keystone Property Group (KPG) has some big plans in store for their One Conshohocken project. Not only do they plan to bring 300,000 square foot Class A office space to the site at Fayette and Elm Street, the idea is to create a "vibrant public plaza" featuring restaurants, shops and a 200-room hotel. They've also brought on world-renown architecture firm Gensler to help perfect and execute the vision. Their work includes the supertall Shanghai Tower, the Facebook Headquarters, oh and this lovely renovation of Jackson Hole Airport, the nation's only airport located in a National Park. It's safe to say that Gensler has some serious chops. The 136 year old Washington Firehouse will also be incorporated into the plans — reborn as a brew pub and restaurant. Another plus is that it will located close to the Conshohocken Regional Rail Station. It's all about that transit-oriented development, people.

What's this, a mega-development and no beef about parking? Apparently, 300 free parking spaces will be included in the plans as well. As per a press release, KPG expects the public parking to be a multi-use space that can be set up for farmers' markets, concerts and other events.

The Conshohocken Borough Council selected KPG's proposal over a similar one from Brandywine Realty Trust in September of last year in a 6-1 vote. According to the Times Herald:

Attorney David Nasatir, representing KPG, said Wednesday that the proposal "asks you to dream bigger." "Our proposal creates a community square and deals with the Verizon building," he said. "We believe we are dreaming boldly. We have done a lot of work on this project. The plans are ready."

So far, there is no timetable for the project but these plans sure are exciting for the area. KPG will present the plans before the borough on Wednesday in the hopes to break ground in Spring of 2015.
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