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What the Hell Is Going On With This House on Washington Lane?

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Seriously, what the hell happened at this stone house at 940 East Washington Lane in Mount Airy? Listed at a paltry $217K, it's easy to see why this 3,572 square foot home is asking such a low price. But, like, is it haunted or something? Look at those pictures. One is so blurry it kind of looks like it should be cover art for the next Vampire Weekend album. The other looks like some sort of dark spirit is hovering over the otherwise beautiful fireplace. The bathroom is straight out of hoarders (although not epic gold toilet levels of bad) and the blurry photo of the staircase has horror show written all over it. If you're going to ask someone to fork over upwards of $200K, at least take some decent shots. Hell, we'd settle for even slightly less-than-terrible at this point. While someone certainly let this get out of hand (the listing states "Buyer is responsible for all lender and municipal required repairs and certifications"), this place offers an opportunity to make a truly impressive home. Granted we don't see any of the four bedrooms, but it has a garage, three fireplaces and backs up to the Morris Arboretum — see, promising. · 940 East Washington Lane [Redfin]