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Oh, For Pete's Sake: Roof Collapses During Pub Expansion

The roof of the poplar For Pete's Sake Pub collapsed yesterday afternoon in Queen Village. The three-story pub was still operating as they continued construction efforts to expand the dining room up to the second floor and make an office/storage space on the third. No injuries were reported but according to Metro, one man was in the bar sipping on a cocktail when the building "started shaking like an earthquake" around 3:30 in the afternoon. L + I is investigating the collapse and reports that the building has no prior violations.

As seen in the video from CBS 3, debris was strew all over the sidewalk at Front Street. For Pete's Sake does have outdoor seating, so it's rather fortunate that no one out there at the time. As the restaurant scene continues to bubble further south on Front Street, the pub has been a mainstay on the corner of Front and Christian Street for quite some time., as evidenced by their expansion efforts. Let's hope this doesn't put them out of commission for too long.
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