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Coffee's For Closers at This Modern Manse on Glengary Road

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Following in the footsteps of Alec Baldwin's classic speech in Glengarry Glen Ross, we're going to go ahead and breakdown this house by AIDA : Attention, Interest, Decision, Action.
· ATTENTION: If the huge wall of windows above the perfectly landscaped pond with stone accents and a fountain, you're fired.
Do we have your attention now? Good, let's continue.

· INTEREST: The photos are amazing. Nothing about this house is dull, boring or out of place, accept maybe the eagle above the garden room fireplace. The art is preceisly hung and accents each well-lit room, at times it looks like a modern museum. The furniture isn't overbearing or understated and even smaller details such as the canary-yellow teapot on the kitchen stove make this a dream house. · DECISION: Now that you've wander through the 5 bedrooms, 3.5 baths and 6,135 square feet of space, it's tough not to love almost everything about the home.

· ACTION: It's up to you, are you in for $1,675,000? Remember, there's a doglegged pool and a ton of beautiful windows.

We almost forgot, in order to follow our ABC's (Always Be Closing), this property is nestled on 1.2 private acres bordering Philadelphia Cricket Club's Chestnut Hill golf club. We're going to grab ourselves a cup of coffee because, after all, coffee is for closers. · 711 Glengary Road, Philadelphia [Estately]