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Google Alert May Have Leaked Location of Diner en Blanc

Sooooooo, you know now Diner en Blanc is supposed to be at a secret location up until the announcement mere moments before it starts? Yeah, the Philadelphia Police Department may have, kind of, probably put the kibosh on that by accidentally leaking a traffic advisory at Broad Street between Pine and Chestnut Street specifically for Diner en Blanc. Woops. It has since been removed from their blog but that darned Google machine has kept it alive and well. We'd suggest you steer clear of the area as traffic will be a mess. Or go and see a bunch of people dressed in white eating food in the middle of Broad Street near the future location of Dranoff's SLS International Hotel & Residences.
· #dinerenblanc Spot BLOWN! Philly Police Blog Reveals DEB Location, Can't Cover Tracks Faster Than We Can Follow [Philebrity]