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Philly 'Hoods Most 'Walkable Yet Affordable' In The Nation

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Some dude named Dave Munson loves himself some math. The only things he probably loves more are his family, budgeting his money and a high walkscore. Actually, the last two on that list circle-back to math. Why does this matter? Well, Munson did a crazy amount of math and devised a bunch of great maps that now tell us what areas of the country are the most walkable yet affordable places to live, right down to the neighborhood level. Spoiler alert - it's mainly in dense cities. Philadelphia is a dense city and so which areas are made for walkin'?

It shouldn't be a surprise that a few neighborhoods did very well during the major Munson mapping sesh — particularly Graduate Hospital (Munson's old stompin' grounds), Fishtown, Bella Vista, Manayunk and East Falls. Hell, even a few suburbs like Phoenixville and West Chester are a good, walkable value. The whole article is definitely worth a read, especially if you love math and large chunks of data driven down into helpful maps.

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