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Fall Restaurant Openings; High Street, High Praise; More!

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PHILADELPHIA — Fall's just around the corner, and as always, it's bringing with it a ton of new restaurant openings. Check out our massive Fall Tracking guide, rounding up all the details so far on the coming season's very biggest debuts.

AVENUE OF THE ARTS — The "top-secret" location leaked out early this year and there were worries about thunderstorms, but Diner en Blanc still went off last night as planned. And of course we've recapped the night with plenty of photos.
FRANCISVILLE — Someone set off an explosion at a takeout restaurant near St. Joe's Prep — and the whole thing was caught on camera.

OLD CITY — A very good year for High Street on Market just got even better: The Old City hit landed the number-two spot on Bon Appetit magazine's prestigious top-ten list of the Best New Restaurants in America.

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